Community Emergency Corps was created October 14, 1966 for the sole purpose of providing ambulance service to the Village of Ballston Spa, Town of Milton, and part of the Towns of Ballston and Greenfield. Prior to 1966 ambulance service was provided by the local funeral homes, until New York State put a stop to the practice.

In December 1966, 25 citizens of this community met at Eagle Matt Lee Fire house and decided to establish an ambulance service. A contest was held to decide the name for this new ambulance service and the winning name chosen was “Community Emergency Corps.” because we serve the community. We operated out of two garages with two used 1965 Pontiac ambulances, which were located at Guertin’s funeral home garage and Grooms garage. Our current location at 78 Thompson St. in the village of Ballston Spa, was donated by Dr. Pastore and constructed by Raymond Leonard & Corps members. Times were tough at the beginning with very little money and medical supplies to go around. This resulted in door to door and coin drop fundraising for many, many years.

The volunteer members of this organization dedicated themselves to providing care to the sick and injured whenever and wherever they were called. In the early 70’s we added a third ambulance due to an increase in call volume. In 1992 we expanded our station to meet the needs of our growing community and the addition of a first response vehicle, bringing our fleet to a total of three ambulances and first response vehicle. Over the years knowledge and technology in emergency medical service had changed requiring our personnel to become certified by the Department of Health. The days of scoop and haul and providing oxygen were waning. Now early defibrillation and the understanding of the human physiology and treatment of illnesses and injuries had improved in the field. Our volunteers had changed with the times, advancing themselves to EMT level to the benefit of our community. Yet through the years, time was taking its toll on our volunteers. The lack of new volunteers replacing the existing staff brought a significant change to our organization. Daytime staffing was dwindling down, so in 1997 our organization decided to hire career EMT’s for daytime coverage. This was a drastic change for an all-volunteer agency. Then in 1998, the agency went through another change and decided to advance to become a Paramedic level ambulance service. This advancement greatly enhanced the level of care available to the residents and commuters in our district. Our Member Paramedics and EMTs now stay in-station to reduce the response time in getting to your house or place of business. The time, energy and education required to maintain our certification had become immense, so in 2002 we began participating in the NYS pilot program for recertification, training and continuing medical education. We now have Paramedic level care responding to all calls in our district as well as mutual aid to adjacent towns. We are active participants in the Saratoga County EMS Council, and continue to participate in numerous public events throughout the year.

Community Emergency Corps is a non-profit 501 (c) 3 emergency medical service organization that still serves the citizens of the Village of Ballston Spa, the Town of Milton, part of the Towns of Ballston and Greenfield, particularly the Middlegrove Fire District, by providing 24/7 Advance Life Support Paramedic Level Ambulance service through our base of volunteers and career personnel.
We are always in need of dedicated, caring people to help us serve our community. We have Volunteer friendly schedules, a great learning environment, and the need for more members.  We need your support.  PLEASE VOLUNTEER!


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